Who are Required to Register in SSS?

The following are required to register in SSS.


  • An employer, or any person who uses the services of another person in business, trade, industry or any undertaking.
  • A social, civic, professional, charitable and other non-profit organization which hire the services of employees are considered “employers”.
  • A foreign government, international organization, or its wholly owned instrumentality such as embassy in the Philippines, may enter into an administrative agreement with the SSS for the coverage of its Filipino employees.


  • A private employee, whether permanent, temporary or provisional, who is not over 60 years old.
  • A household-helper earning at least P1,000 a month is compulsory covered starting Sept. 1, 1993.
  • A household-helper is any person who renders domestic services exclusively to a household such as driver, gardener, cook, governess, and other similar occupations.
  • A Filipino seafarer upon the signing of the standard contract of employment between the seafarers and the manning agency which, together with the foreign ship owner, act as employers.
  • An employee of a foreign government, international organization or their wholly owned instrumentality based in the Philippines, which entered into an administrative agreement with the SSS for the coverage of its Filipino workers.
  • The parent, spouse or child below 21 years old of the owner of a single proprietorship business.


A self-employed person, regardless of trade, business or occupation, with an income of at least P1,000 a month and not over 60 years old, should register with the SSS. Included, but not limited to are the following self-employed persons.

  • self-employed professionals;
  • business partners, single proprietors and board directors;
  • actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters and news reporters who are not under an employer-employee relationship;
  • professional athletes, coaches, trainers and jockeys;
  • farmers and fisherfolks; and
  • workers in the informal sector such as cigarette vendors, watch-your-car boys, hospitality girls, among others.


  • Coverage of Separated Members. A member who is separated from employment or ceased to be self-employed/OFW/non-working spouse and would like to continue contributing.
  • Coverage of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).  A Filipino recruited in the Philippines by a foreign-based employer for employment abroad or one who legitimately entered a foreign country (i.e. tourist, student) and is eventually employed.
  • Coverage of Non-working Spouses of SSS members.  A person legally married to a currently employed and actively paying SSS member who devotes full-time in the management of household and family affairs may be covered on a voluntary basis provided there is the approval of the working spouse. The person should never have been a member of the SSS. The contributions will be based on 50 percent of the working spouse’s last posted monthly salary credit but in no case shall it be lower than P1,000.


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  1. ung foreigner po ba obligado magbayad ng remittance like sss?

    • In general yes, as long as he/she is earning income here. However there might be possible exemption in his case and its hard to give an opinion without investigating further.