Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions that we receive, organized by category.

Outsourced Accounting Services

In this section, you will find the frequently asked questions regarding our outsource accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services.

Yes, it is possible to get our outsourced accounting services without the payroll service. You will just have to send us your payroll reports for proper recording.

No, we cannot prepare any report for  your company without doing the bookkeeping. This is for us to ensure the quality and integrity of  the reports.

The start of transactions to be recorded depends on what we have agreed in the contract but normally we start on the current months transaction. If you think there is a need to review, record or reconstruct your books done by your previous accountant, it can be done and negotiated please see Reconstruction of Accounting Records.

MPM Accounting Software – Online Access

In this section, you will find the frequently asked questions regarding our MPM Accounting Software and the clients access to their financial reports.

Definitely! It is designed to be viewed in iPhone, android, windows or any other internet enabled devices.

We provide all our clients access to their financial reports online as part of our Outsourced Accounting Services with no additional charge. It is one of the biggest savings that you can make when you decided to outsource your accounting to us.

We’ve taken all reasonable measures to secure our clients data and information. Your data will be placed in 2 different locations, one in our local server with 24/7 security, the other one is online where our online accounting software is hosted using a third party hosting service called Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Platform and Services run and managed by Microsoft Corporation and being used by many companies globally including fortune 500 companies. Regular backups are also created in a hard drive and stored in a secure location to ensure continuity of service as part of our disaster recovery plan.

The software that we are using for your accounting records are developed internally by MPM Consulting Services Inc. this is to ensure quality, continuity and timely updates whenever there are changes in the accounting and government regulations. It also gives us the flexibility to provide customize reports whenever the client needs it.

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