Reminder on Tax and Payroll Deadlines for February 2016

The first month of the year 2016 just ended and we are now in what they call the “love month” of February. Before you think about the Valentines Day, we are writing this article to remind and guide you of the basic tax and payroll deadlines for the month of February 2016. Important Note: For […]

SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig Payment Deadlines and Penalties

When your registered business in the Philippines is employing people, you are mandated to provide your compulsory coverage to state insurance fund (SSS or GSIS) to all your employees not over sixty (60) years old, as stated in Art 168 of the Labor Code of the Philippines. In addition to state insurance fund (SSS or […]

Solutions to Common SSS LMS Program Errors

The SSS LMS (Loan Management System) Program is a software program produced by SSS for the employers to easily manage their employee’s loans. The SSS LMS program is very helpful because it provides you, first, the amount of employee’s monthly loan payable to be paid to the SSS, and second, to easily generate the monthly […]

How to Report New Employee to BIR, SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig?

As an employer, keep in mind that whenever you hire a new employee, you are required to update the following government agency: Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Social Security System (SSS) Philhealth Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) Here are the steps you need to do to ensure the employee is properly […]

How to Register in SSS?

This guide will give you an idea on how to register in SSS. We divided this into four sections and you can use the links below to navigate\jump between each sections depends on what you need. How to Register with SSS as Employer? How to Register with SSS as Employee? How to Register with SSS […]

Who are Required to Register in SSS?

The following are required to register in SSS. Employers An employer, or any person who uses the services of another person in business, trade, industry or any undertaking. A social, civic, professional, charitable and other non-profit organization which hire the services of employees are considered “employers”. A foreign government, international organization, or its wholly owned […]

Benefits of SSS (Social Security System)

Under the Republic Act No 8282 – Social Security Law, SSS, also known as Social Security System, is a policy of the state to establish, develop and promote sound and viable tax-exempt social security system suitable to the needs of the people throughout the Philippines which shall promote social justice and provide meaningful protection to […]

How to Compute Your Employee’s Daily Rate?

With our years of experience in payroll computation, one of the most common errors that we see in businesses is in how they compute their employee’s daily rate. This is only applicable if your employee’s salary is fix per month and you just deduct absences and add overtime pays. You might be wondering why this […]