Archives for March 2013

How to Compute Your Employee’s Daily Rate?

With our years of experience in payroll computation, one of the most common errors that we see in businesses is in how they compute their employee’s daily rate. This is only applicable if your employee’s salary is fix per month and you just deduct absences and add overtime pays. You might be wondering why this […]

How to Register a Sole Proprietor Business in the Philippines?

You may have a great business idea that you want to implement as soon as possible yet you don’t have any idea how to start and register a business. This article aims to give you some pointers on how to register and start a Sole Proprietor business. What is a Sole Proprietor? Sole Proprietor is […]

How to Make a Sales Invoice?

Issuing a properly filled out sales invoice to our customer is important for accounting and tax purposes. However, most businesses neglect to do this properly. In this blog article, we will try to explain the importance of issuing a correct sales invoice, and how to do it. What is a Sales Invoice? Sales Invoice serves […]