Archives for December 2012

Become 100% Aware of Your Business Financial Performance

Every cent of your business transactions will be properly recorded so you will get a complete idea of how your business is really performing financially. Then all your reports will be viewed online using any internet enabled device so you can be informed wherever you are in the world.

Have a Peace of Mind and No More Sleepless Nights

We will make sure that our accounting, bookkeeping and tax services conform with the latest accounting standards and tax regulations so you will have a peace of mind knowing that your business transactions are properly taken care of.

Save Cost on Accounting Softwares and Full-time Accountants

We understand that accounting softwares and hiring a full-time accountant to use it is very costly that is why, we at MPM Consulting Services Inc., we offer a very affordable and complete accounting solution for your business. Just provide us the documents and we will do the rest.

No More Hassles and Tax Headaches

We have many years of experience in accounting and taxation and we constantly update ourselves with the new BIR tax rules to make sure that all our clients taxation needs are met.

Let us Do the Accounting Works so You can Focus on Your Growth

We understand that recording your transactions and preparing your tax returns consumes a lot of your valuable time which gives you lesser time growing your bottom line. MPM Consulting Services Inc will handle all your accounting, bookkeeping, tax returns and many other administrative tasks so you can spend more time with your business.